Jackie Robinson and the Integration of Baseball

In this book, broadcaster Scott Simon reveals how Robinson’s heroism brought the country face-to-face with the question of racial equality. From his days in the army to his ascent to the major leagues, Robinson battled bigotry at every turn. Simon deftly traces the journey of the rookie who became Rookie of the Year, recalling the taunts and threats, the stolen bases and the slides to home plate, the trials and triumphs.


An extraordinary book . . . invitingly written and brisk.
Chicago Tribune

Perhaps no one has ever told the tale [of Robinson’s arrival in the major leagues] so well as [Simon] does in this extended essay.
The Washington Post Book World

“An extraordinary little book in an extraordinary new series intended to capture extraordinary moments in history.” Chicago Tribune

“Delights audiences with his wit, inquisitiveness and humanity…” SKY

Scott Simon tells a compelling story of risk and sacrifice, profound ugliness and profound grace, defiance and almost unimaginable courage. This is a meticulously researched, insightful, beautifully written book, one that should be read, reread, and remembered.
Laura Hillenbrand, author of The New York Times bestseller Seabiscuit