by Scott Simon

From Goebbels’s Jazzmen to Tokyo Rose to A.I., the Eternal Allure of Propaganda.

Praise for Swingtime for Hitler

“Swingtime for Hitler is strange and subversive, a story that makes us sway and then hate ourselves for swaying. If you think present day politics is at the apex of weirdness, you’re wrong—history has us beat, as proven by this toe tapping treasure. No one delivers audio (and Nazis) with as much smooth style as Scott Simon.”
– Ann Patchett, bestselling author Tom Lake, Bel Canto, The Dutch House.

Swingtime for Hitler

“Fascinating gripping and vivid. An amazing piece of research, writing, history, and storytelling. Scott Simon’s audiobook combining war, culture, music, and swing is not just compelling, colourful, and bizarre. It is also searingly relevant to dark times today. Swingtime is a must-listen!”
Simon Sebag Montefiore author of The World: a family history of humanity.

“Brilliant, intriguing, disturbing, thoughtful and thought provoking, I cannot find enough words to describe this mesmerizing audiobook. A timely reminder of the seductive and dangerous power of propaganda, these sounds and voices remind us of a disturbing past, while also revealing the dangers and challenges we face today when voices of totalitarianism are growing louder.”
-Azar Nafisi, author Reading Lolita in Tehran Read Dangerously and other books.